Weak-AI Evolutionary Theories shift to Strong-AI/AGI Evolutionary Theories

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  1. nLT-nBCT1 (flow-structures) are inherited by wLT-wBCT1, creating (n+w)LT-BCT1.
  2. nLT-nBCT2-OS are inherited by wLT-wBCT2-OS, creating (n+w)LT-BCT2-Oss.
  3. The client-server processing OSs must upgrade, such as NOS, WIN, iOS, and Android.
  4. nLT-nBCT3-(application software) are inherited by wLT-wBCT3-(operation software), creating (n+w)LT-BCT3-(hierarchical operation software).
  5. The client-server application software must upgrade, such as productivity-service application suites and network-(OSI-7 communication-service) application software.
  6. nLT-nBCT4-(weak-AI 2-programs) are inherited by wLT-wBCT4-(PS-method), creating (n+w)LT-BCT4-(hierarchical strong-AI 6-programs).
  7. nLT-nBCT5-(hardware-evolved) PS entities are inherited by wLT-wBCT5-(duality-evolved) PS entities, creating (n+w)LT-BCT5-(duality-evolved) PS entities with domain-PS.