User Benefits of using
Strong-AI/AGI workgroup Computing Paradigm

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  • To Achieve Nonintrusive Real-Time Full-Service Agent-Operations, Instead of Self-Service Fixated Applications
  1. Real-Time Interactive Agent Owner-Cognition: No need to key-in password, AV-(analogy-channel, digital-text) Internet service security.
  2. Real-Time Interactive Agent Conversation: No need to self-trigger browsers.
  3. Real-Time Interactive Agent Service Operation: No need to download client apps/app stores.
  4. Real-Time Interactive Agent Information-Lookup: No need to use data search engines, using information-library lookup using Agents in the public domain, where Agents can function.
  5. Real-Time Interactive Agent Self-Improving and Self-Learning: No need to use databases for weak-AI deep learning.
  6. Real-Time Interactive Agent Security Authentication Via OSI-5 Information Exchanges: No need to install security application software for OSI-7 encrypted data transmission.
  • To Achieve FGP Full-Services, Instead of CGR Self-Services