node-computing 1D/2D architectures shift to workgroup-computing 3D architectures

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  1. nLT1-1D flow-architecture is integrated by nLT2-2D flow-architecture.
  2. nLT2-2D flow architecture is integrated by wLT1-3D flow architecture, which can be wired and wireless with information workgroup-member-coded for internal workgroup data exchanges.
  3. wLT1-3D flow architecture is integrated by wLT2-3D flow architecture, using wired-SCSI, USB, and “Patented Team Servers” for enabling “hierarchical 3D integrations.”
  4. wLT2-3D flow architecture is integrated by wLT3-3D flow architecture, using wired Remote-Access-Port (RAP), AV, and USB for enabling real-time “patented workgroup server array” (WSA) components fail-over.
  5. wLT3-3D flow architecture is integrated by wLT4-3D flow architecture, using wired as well as wireless Ethernet with workgroup-member-coded, so that workgroup fail-safe communications are allowed among workgroup-members only.
  6. wLT4-3D flow architecture is integrated by wLT5-3D flow architecture, using external open Internet based on Open System Interconnection 5-layer (OSI-5) protocols. Furthermore, wGn.s 8LT locale-hierarchical architectures, wGn.s 9LT-zone-hierarchical architectures, and wGn.s 10LT-cloud-hierarchical architectures can also be established due to hierarchical iterative-wLT1-5 structural-growth-enabled workgroup evolutions.